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The Purcari Limited Edition wines are among the most popular red wines in our range. We have put together a selection for you to get to know or reorder with the bestseller package Red Limited.

In the Bestseller Package Red Limited:
1x Shiraz de Purcari Limited 2020 (0.75l)
1x Pinot Noir de Purcari Limited 2020 (0.75l)
1x Malbec de Purcari Limited 2021 (0.75l)

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Facts about the wine

Bestseller Red Limited Package

Shiraz de Purcari Limited:
The Shiraz de Purcari is a dry and tasty wine that tastes of overripe cherries and berries. Its lively character gives way to an aftertaste of blackcurrants and blueberries. Aged in oak barrels, the Shiraz de Purcari has taken on aromas of coffee, cinnamon and pink pepper. A wine with personality and elegant tannins.

Pinot Noir de Purcari Limited:
The crimson color is accompanied by a varietal bouquet with complex aromas of strawberries, raspberries and violets. Velvety taste, full, persistent, disappears in the aftertaste with fine nuances of maturation.

Malbec de Purcari Limited:
Malbec de Purcari is a wine with a strong personality that will surprise you - it is an explosion of grace, perfect for edgy combinations and the most surprising blends of flavours. Furthermore, this red wine has a ruby red colour with violet reflections, with subtle nuances of blackberries, blackcurrants and violets. The flavour of the Malbec de Purcari is also refined, the texture is velvety, the tannins are soft and silky.