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Pure enjoyment for two
Pure enjoyment for two Sale price59,90 € Regular price69,60 €(19,97 €/l)
2024 Starter Package Red
2024 Starter Package Red Sale price98,90 € Regular price125,10 €(14,65 €/l)
2024 Starter Package White
2024 Starter Package White Sale price88,90 € Regular price111,20 €(14,82 €/l)
Rotwein Tasting
Red wine tasting Sale price59,90 € Regular price77,40 €(13,31 €/l)
Limited Edition Red Wine Tasting
Limited Edition Red Wine Tasting Sale price59,90 € Regular price67,60 €(19,97 €/l)
Weißwein Tasting Special
White wine tasting special Sale price59,90 € Regular price73,40 €(13,31 €/l)
5+1 Special
Cuvée Brut White Bundle
Cuvée Brut White Bundle Sale price134,50 € Regular price161,40 €(29,89 €/l)
5+1 Special
Cuvée Extra Brut Bundle
Cuvée Extra Brut Bundle Sale price149,50 € Regular price179,40 €(33,22 €/l)
5+1 Special
Cuvée Brut Rosé Bundle
Cuvée Brut Rosé Bundle Sale price134,50 € Regular price161,40 €(29,89 €/l)
Cuvée Champenoise Tasting
Cuvée Champenoise Tasting Sale price69,90 € Regular price83,70 €(31,07 €/l)
Small Celebration Package Red
Small Celebration Package Red Sale price37,90 € Regular price43,70 €(25,27 €/l)
Small Celebration Package White
Small Celebration Package White Sale price38,90 € Regular price42,70 €(25,93 €/l)
Bestseller Package White
Bestseller Package White Sale price37,90 € Regular price42,70 €(16,84 €/l)
Bestseller Package Red
Bestseller Package Red Sale price37,90 € Regular price41,70 €(16,84 €/l)
Limited Edition
Bestseller Red Limited Package
Bestseller Red Limited Package Sale price44,90 € Regular price50,70 €(19,96 €/l)
Fillette Package
Fillette Package Sale price39,90 € Regular price46,70 €(35,47 €/l)

Purcari Bundles

Perfect your celebrations with Purcari's exclusive product packages

At Purcari, we know that special occasions and celebrations deserve wines that are as extraordinary as the moments you celebrate. That's why we're pleased to introduce you to our exclusive bundle products - a carefully curated selection of our finest wines that will add a touch of elegance and luxury to your events.

Purcari's bundle products offer a carefully curated selection of our most famous wines, each tailored to different occasions and preferences. Whether you are planning a large celebration, an intimate dinner or a casual get-together, our packages are your key to unforgettable and extraordinary moments.

Our packages include an exquisite selection of wines from our white, red, rosé and sparkling wine collections to suit the diverse tastes of your guests. From the crisp and refreshing notes of Chardonnay to the deep and complex flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon, our packages offer a harmonious blend of wines that pair perfectly with a variety of dishes and celebrations.

Every bottle in our packages is a testament to the heritage and art of Moldovan winemaking. Hand-picked grapes, precise ripening and tireless commitment to quality ensure that every drop reflects the essence of Purcari tradition and excellence.

With Purcari's Bundle products you can create the ultimate wine experience for your special occasions and celebrations. Whether it's an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday or just a get-together with friends, our curated packages are your gateway to sophistication and indulgence.

Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility extends to our bundled products, ensuring that each wine represents the purity of the land from which it comes. You can rest assured that every bottle in your package reflects the natural harmony of our vineyards.

Elevate your celebrations and toast to life's most precious moments with Purcari's bundled products. Discover the world of Moldovan winemaking, where tradition and innovation come together to deliver an exceptional wine experience for every occasion.

Treat yourself to the luxury and convenience of Purcari's Bundle Products today and create unforgettable memories with the perfect wines. Cheers to the art of celebration, cheers to Purcari.