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Crystal champagne glass
Crystal champagne glass Sale price14,90 €
Crystal champagne glasses set of 6
Crystal champagne glasses set of 6 Sale price69,90 € Regular price89,90 €
Corkscrew - Pulltex
Corkscrew - Pulltex Sale price14,90 €
Sold out
Corkscrew VIP - Pulltex Toledo in gift box
Wine cooler VIP - VacuVin
Wine cooler VIP - VacuVin Sale price36,90 €
Wine cooler - Pulltex
Wine cooler - Pulltex Sale price29,90 €
Champagne bowl VIP - Pulltex
Champagne bowl VIP - Pulltex Sale price69,90 €
Purcari apron
Purcari apron Sale price29,90 €
Exclusive Collector's wooden box
Exclusive Collector's wooden box Sale price29,90 € Regular price39,90 €
wine glass
wine glass Sale price11,60 €

Purcari Wine Accessories

Take your wine experience to the next level with Purcari's premium wine accessories

At Purcari, our commitment to excellence goes beyond making exceptional wines. We know that enjoying wine is an art and that the right wine accessories can enhance the experience. That's why we are proud to introduce you to our exquisite collection of wine accessories, carefully designed to complement and enhance your moments of enjoyment.

Purcari's wine accessories collection includes a range of exquisite items, from the finest wine glasses to the most precise corkscrews and state-of-the-art wine coolers. Every accessory in our collection is a testament to our commitment to quality and the pursuit of the perfect wine experience.

Wine Glasses: Our selection of wine glasses are designed to enhance the bouquet and flavor of each Purcari wine. Crafted with precision, these glasses are the perfect vessels to enjoy the nuances of our wines. From delicate white wine glasses to strong red wine glasses, we have the ideal stemware for every grape variety.

Corkscrew: Opening a bottle of Purcari wine should be a seamless and elegant experience. Our corkscrews are designed with precision and style to ensure you can uncork your favorite bottle with ease. Enjoy the anticipation and ceremony of opening wine with Purcari corkscrews.

Wine Cooler: To enjoy the full flavor profile of your wine, it is important to keep it at the perfect temperature. Our wine coolers are designed to maintain the ideal serving temperature for your Purcari wines. Whether you're hosting an event or just want to enjoy a glass at home, our wine coolers ensure every sip is perfect.

These wine accessories are more than just tools; they are an extension of the Purcari experience and are designed to take your wine enjoyment to a new level. We believe that the right accessories can transform an ordinary moment into an extraordinary one.

Purcari's commitment to quality extends to our accessories, just as it does to our wines. Every item in our collection is made with the same dedication and passion that goes into every bottle of Purcari wine. When you choose Purcari wine accessories, you choose the perfect companions for your Purcari wine collection.

Elevate your wine journey and make every moment special with Purcari's wine accessories collection. Discover the world of Moldovan winemaking and experience the perfect harmony of tradition and innovation that is the hallmark of Purcari.

Treat yourself to the sophistication and comfort of Purcari wine accessories today and toast the art of enjoying wine in style. Cheers to the perfect pour, cheers to Purcari.