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Founded in 1827, Château Purcari is the most awarded winery in the world. Decanter, Mundus Vini, Effervescence du Monde and many other renowned tastings have repeatedly awarded the wines and cuvées Champenoise with top marks.

Since 2018, we, Ernst Fine Wine - Fine Wine Merchants, have been looking for interesting and as yet undiscovered wines and cuvées of excellent quality and excellent value for money.


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Château Purcari - Wine from Moldova

Moldovan wine - more than an insider tip

Moldova is gaining more and more attention in the world of fine wines, and rightly so. The small Eastern European country with more vines per inhabitant than any other country in the world can look back on an impressive heritage in viticulture. Today, the country is experiencing a rebirth in the global wine market, where it seeks and finds its place.Moldovan wines conquer the hearts and palates of wine lovers by storm. 

The wine country Moldova has a long tradition in the production of fine and aromatic wines. Wine production is well known and has become one of the most important economic factors of the country. The optimal climate and soil conditions throughout the republic, comparable to those of the famous Bordeaux, contribute to the development of the unique flavors. Moldovan wine is therefore more than just an insider tip - it is a journey through a long history and an aromatic diversity. Let your senses be pampered.

Special grape varieties in the wine country Moldova

Moldova fascinates not only with its rich wine-growing history, but also with the impressive variety of autochthonous grape varieties. Moldovan winemakers have cultivated with passion and dedication unique grape varieties, including the characterful Feteasca Neagra (also known as "Black Maiden Grape"), Rara Neagră and Viorica, to name just a few.

These autochthonous treasures not only contribute to the variety of wine on offer, but also reflect the unique climatic conditions and soil conditions, make Moldova a fertile land for the cultivation of exceptional grapes. Discover the variety of tastes and terroir of Moldovan wines through the multifaceted aromas and characters of their native grape varieties.

Purcari 1827 - Elegance and tradition in Moldovan viticulture

The Château Purcari

Surrounded by the picturesque vineyards of Moldova lies the renowned Château Purcari. It is a jewel of viticulture and a guardian of the Moldovan wine tradition, with a history that dates back to the 19th century. This winery is a symbol of elegance and excellence.

They have already received numerous awards and praise from international competitions such as Decanter, Challenge International du Vin, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Received the International Wine and Spirit Competition and the legendary patronage of the Royal Court of Great Britain. The Château, with its deep roots in the Moldovan wine tradition, sets a standard for excellence and remains a symbol of quality in the world of wine.

Wine Cellars

The wine cellars of Château Purcari hold secrets and treasures that are the result of careful winemaking and tradition. The exclusive storage of Purcari wines takes place exclusively in French oak barrels.

With maturation periods of 6 to 18 months, depending on the grape variety, the wines develop an abundance of tannins and aromatic components. Elegantly integrated wood, vanilla and chocolate notes give the taste a unique aroma. The careful bottling of natural corks and the additional maturation of 6 months in the bottle continue the path of excellence.

Purcari 1827 Wines

The Purcari wines are the result of an elaborate process, starting with the manual harvest and selection of the grapes. Using traditional methods of French winemaking, the grapes are cooled before fermentation to ensure wines of the highest quality. The fermentation, a decisive step, is carefully repeated. After filtration and clarification at low temperatures, the creation of the famous vintage wines such as the Negru de Purcari continues.

Each bottle of Purcari wine is thus not only a drink, but a journey through craftsmanship, dedication and the unique terroirNote of Moldova.

We at Ernst Fine Wine now invite you to discover here on Purcari.de this craftsmanship of the Chateau Purcari and to enjoy Moldovan top wines.